Study Found That Average Sex Time Is Way Below Expectation

How many minutes of sex is too few, and how long is enough ? In many sex tales, people often think that the normal average time is “all night long” or at least couple of hours. According to American’s survey based on all backgrounds and ages, 80% of women and men wanted at least 30 minutes of sex time. But the study shows that the actual intercourse time is way below that. Most of these studies show the average of six minutes. Just like the study of the average penis size, everyone is somewhat surprise and have mixed feeling about the outcome. Many of them who thought suffer from premature ejaculation no longer have to worry about the label. So if you already pass the benchmark, then you’re good.

Even more good news, these precious six minutes is more than our predecessors have enjoyed. According to 1948 study by Alfred Kinsey, 75% of American men ejaculated no longer than two minutes of intercourse. Knowing this we should be grateful that today the average sex time according to Rachel Hills book “The Sex Myth” is between 5.4 to 7.5 minutes.

The meaning of the term “premature ejaculation” also has changed. Back then, PE is for people who ejaculated before the party even begun. Now, a good 6-8 minutes intercourse is still label as premature ejaculation. In the 90s, urologists define the premature ejaculation by the number of thrusts, not by minutes. So, the average number of thrusts back then was eight to 15 thrusts. Other study describe premature ejaculation is when you can’t satisfy your partner, in this case, the foreplay is needed. However, in 2008 sex therapists have agree on a set of number, premature ejaculation is when the sex time is below 2 minutes, average sex time is between 3 – 8 minutes, good sex time is between 9 and 13 minutes, and beyond that is just great. The time measured is called Intravaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time (IELT). It is when the erect penis enters the vagina. So how bout foreplay ? Should we consider that too as sexual activity ? Since many women can be aroused or even orgasme without any intercourse. A study by the University of New Bruinswick conducted a research on not just the IELT but also the foreplay time and the correlation between the foreplay and IELT. The study found that on average the foreplay time is 11-13 minutes while the IELT is 7 minutes, although most of them want to double their time.

So why do people want more sex time, eventhough they can reach satisfaction with less time ? According to Eric Corty, a Penn State professor, the answer lies on “Social Expectation” where people set a new standard for themselves by comparing with others or even pornstar. They’ll feel inadequate if they perform less than the social expectation standard. Therefore, men feel compelled to declare themselves last longer and harder.