4 Tips To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Most guys will at some point in their own lives seek to find the treatment to the best way to survive longer in bed. It is more common than you might believe and you’re definitely not by yourself. In this post, I would like to show you a couple great tricks you could use to prevent premature ejaculation.

Use Condoms

OK, you mightn’t enjoy condoms but allow me to tell you – they can be used as an excellent tool against your early ejaculation. Even if you despise them, they’re undoubtedly worth using for “training” functions. I’d advise to get a condom that is thick. The thicker the better. The greater the depth, the more you’ll survive and this also means your stress will go down.

You may also purchase unique condoms which contain a medical anesthetic interior that can help you to continue even more still.

Places that are distinct

This is a much underrated manner to survive longer in bed. Most men rarely venture further than missionary and “doggy style”. The only truth is if you don’t research a variety of places that you are not actually getting the best outside of sex. If you take control in the bedroom and manage your spouse this way, she is going to adore this feeling of being “owned” and “have”.

And the best thing about it’s that there are many places which are not as likely to lead to early ejaculation, particularly those where the speed is controlled by the woman.


I do not actually advocate these too tremendously but there’s no doubt that they do work. For several years now, physicians have realised that antidepressants have additional side effects including preventing premature ejaculation.

There is really an easy reason behind this. It is because stress is the cause of premature ejaculation. Even if you’re “the guy” and assured everywhere else in your life, if you’ve got stress after you’re in bed afterward this can bring about PE.

The reason I do not highly recommend these drugs is because they’ll influence your every mood so I consider that overkill for treating an isolated issue like PE.

Natural Methods

These are undoubtedly the greatest. They’re all about becoming more comfortable with sex and exploring your sexuality. When you reach the limits of your sexual art then you certainly will no longer have any stresses whatsoever.

You can not do this overnight – generally it may take you to perfect, but the effect is 100% long-term once you’ve then.